#TabletswithLove campaign

Dad is alone but with a simple “Alexa, phone Jacqui” he’s in our living room like something out of Star Trek.  These video calls are a life-line; hours of I-Spy and silly role-playing with his grand-kids. In a nursing home down the road, Mum’s fantastic carers Skype me so I can still see her beautiful face, chat to her and hope she feels the love.

Video calling is ubiquitous and should be even more prolific during this crucial time.
But people are dying without seeing loved ones.

So, I launched #TabletswithLove.  A campaign asking for bulk donations of new devices enabling more NHS patients to make video calls.

Traditional tablets make us better, but digital tablets are now important for that visual connection when in isolation, especially when surrounded by medics in masks.
Seeing a loved one’s smiling face is akin to having them hold your hand.
Sadly, we know many will die without family nearby. It's not only tragic to that individual, but will leave a long term mark on those left behind. It will effect their grief and loss processing. Maybe there’ll be some solace knowing they were present as much as possible. Even if someone doesn’t want that visual connection, having the choice should be a basic right during this turbulent time.
Remember, it’s not just Covid-19 patients. Every ward in every hospital, from premature babies to heart ops and organ transplants and palliative care has rules of isolation.
And in the real world not everyone has a smartphone.
Working with Helpforce, we've now got hundreds of tablets and smartphones all over the UK.
NHS Trusts in Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Brighton, Norwich, Milton Keynes.. and many more. Literally thousands of patients are now better enabled to make video calls to loved ones.
Reflect on this period feeling proud of your NHS legacy. Organisations/individuals wishing to donate, please contact me. jacqui@salientfuture.com

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